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Reputation management strategies for business

Reputation assessment is a relatively new format for working with commercial organizations. This procedure means determining the level of motivation and trust of customers, consumers, customers, suppliers and distributors to order the services of the evaluated company.

Benefits of risk management

How do you manage your environmental system today? In the current environmental management system, it is the management's responsibility to focus environmental measures.

ISO 14001 Certification in Russia

ISO 14000 series of standards (ISO 14000) represent a set of requirements for an environmental management system at an enterprise, enabling a professional approach to environmental safety management at any production site. Standards of ISO 14000 series are applicable to any type of activity.

Focusing on the environmental aspect of activities through ISO 14001

The impact that society has on the environment is increasing every year, and it is difficult to argue with that. Effective measures can be taken to better understand these impacts and learn to manage them.

Benefits of ISO 14001 for microenterprises

If you are familiar with the ISO 14001 standard, you know that the text of the requirements is formulated to suit organizations of all sizes. In other words, the ISO 14001 implementation procedure is designed to be a scalable process.

What is ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System?

ISO 22000 is applicable to all organizations involved in the food chain whose main objective is to ensure food safety.

COVID-19: risks and opportunities in the management system

Today everyone talks about business risks. The time has come when business, especially production and services, is undergoing change. But is everyone ready for such a dramatic change?

What is a GOST ISO 13485-2011 certificate?

Certificate of GOST ISO 13485-2011 is a document that confirms the compliance of the organization's management system with the requirements of GOST ISO 13485-2011, similar to the international standard ISO 13485:2003.

What is the GOST R EN 9100-2011 for?

The aviation, space and arms industries are considered knowledge-intensive and specific industries. They are characterized by high risks associated with the quality of their products.

Certification of personnel

The main revenue-generating component of each enterprise is its employees. Qualified staff is able to take even a small firm with a modest budget to a higher level.

How to receive the certificate?

The applicant provides to the certification bode «SMK STANDART» the filled application form for obtaining the certificate by means of filling of a form on our site.

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