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What does ISO do for a company?

Experts of the SMK STANDART company suggest that those looking to begin the ISO accreditation process start by examining existing processes and procedures within their companies. You will do next stages for successful ISO certification.

Is ISO 9001 accreditation still important for business now?

There are so many different quality standards available. And is ISO 9001 certification still important and valuable to businesses? And, perhaps more importantly, is it relevant to your industry in particular?

The procedure for certification of imported products in the Russian Federation

You probably wonder which certificates have to be prepared if you are going to import particular goods or equipment into Russia? What to start with?

What benefits do you obtain when working with certification centers?

Modern conditions of market development set acute issues for developing companies. Those issues are connected with the increasing demand for the company’s services or products, and, thereby, increasing appeal among consumers. The right, positive company image is a guarantee of the high quality of produced goods.

CE certificate

Each producer eventually comes up with an idea of increasing sales using the development of foreign markets. The availability of international certificates of the producer company is a necessary requirement for entering the global market, as well as a perfect opportunity to increase the competitiveness level of produced products in the domestic market of the producer’s country.

Why make the TR CU Declaration?

The Customs Union is the unity of five countries with common economic purposes (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and the Kyrgyz Republic). The main purpose of the Customs Union is abolishment of state taxes for trade within the Customs Union and the increase in trade between member countries of the Customs Union.

How ISO certification can boost your sales?

There are many ways to augment business and get new clients. But one of the best tools is to register the company for ISO. Small companies might be experiencing difficulty in growing their business, cause they often operate within limited areas and have a limited capability.

How to enter to the global market?

Manufacturers, importers, retailers or traders seeking to bring their products to the global market face challenges in managing compliance with technical regulations. In the absence of harmonised standards and requirements as well as differing national standards across countries and regions, manufacturers need to be aware of the regulations for each country or region they want to access.

Certificate of conformity outside the EAEU

It is not easy to understand details of executing of certificate of conformity and distribution of its influence for importers, which first enter an international market.

Are you ready to expand your business internationally?

Entering a foreign market seems to be the next stage in helping your business reach new heights. However, not every business accomplishes the goal. Can you serve the international and domestic market?

How to receive the certificate?

The applicant provides to the certification bode «SMK STANDART» the filled application form for obtaining the certificate by means of filling of a form on our site.

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