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Certificate of conformity outside the EAEU

It is not easy to understand details of executing of certificate of conformity and distribution of its influence for importers, which first enter an international market.

Are you ready to expand your business internationally?

Entering a foreign market seems to be the next stage in helping your business reach new heights. However, not every business accomplishes the goal. Can you serve the international and domestic market?

Social Accountability Standard SA 8000:2008

Employers strive for improvement of working conditions in most of the countries, where social accountability and standardization are commonplace processes of big and small business activity.

Anti-Corruption compliance standard

The ISO 19600:2014 standard (Governance of the Compliance Function) is used to certify the anti-corruption policy of the company.

Personnel certification

Personnel certification means conformity of quality characteristics of the personnel (education, professional competence) to the requirements of domestic (foreign) standards.

Adapting the international ISO 20000 standard to the Russian market

In western countries the quality of given services in the IT sphere is regulated by the ISO 20000 standard. It conforms to Russian GOST R ISO/ IEC 20000, the popularity of which is now lower compared to the European standard.

Produce design and implementation system for military equipment production

The GOST RV 0015–002 standard applies to quality management systems of the companies that carry out studies, development, production, delivery, maintenance, repair and utilization of defense products for the State.

Certificate of origin

When exported, produce is thoroughly inspected at the customs, and certificates of origin (CT-1, Form A, common form) can be included to the set of documents. They confirm that the product is manufactured on the territory of Russia, and more than 50% of it constitutes domestic raw materials.

Technical Specification

The Technical Specification (TS) is a regulatory document and part of design documentation that sets requirements for product release (contents, appearance, quality and safety).

Operating manual development

The operating manual (OM) is necessary for entrepreneurs that produce equipment and units of different types. The OM contains a big data storage concerning the device and methods of its usage.

How to receive the certificate?

The applicant provides to the certification bode «SMK STANDART» the filled application form for obtaining the certificate by means of filling of a form on our site.

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