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Advantages of ISO 14001 certificate by “SMK STADARD”

Nowadays ISO 14001 Standard is almost the only standard which helps establish the enterprise organizational structure to control the implementation of the environmental protection program.

ISO 14001 contains certain mandatory requirements for Environmental Management System. ISO 14001 Standard is a part of number of documents for Environmental Management System (ISO 14000, ISO 14004, ISO 14015, ISO 14020 etc.). Mostly they have recommendatory and explanatory nature, but propose concrete decisions. And only on the basic of compliance with ISO 14001, the company may obtain a certificate.

Implementation and certification of ISO 14001 by qualified specialists of “SMK STANDARD” is an indicator of environmental safety. In its turn it will provide high level of trust of state regulatory authorities and potential partners.

To implement ISO 14001 you need to:
• assess the initial situation;
• determine the scope of the environmental management system;
• develop mechanism of system implementation;
• develop programs to achieve certain goals and targets;
• conduct monitoring;
• undertake internal audit of environmental management system;
• analyze system by management.

Foreign companies have a number of advantages for doing business with Russian partners while implementing Environmental Management System:
• ability to get priority on bids and tenders;
• minimum interest rate of insurance contracts;
• simplification of procedures for obtaining permits, licenses and other necessary documents;
• ability to enter the markets of the EAEU because certificate ISO 14001 or its Russian analogue GOST ISO 14001-2007 issued by experts of “SMK STANDARD” is valid in Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan;
• increase in the value of companies basic funds;
• entering Russian market of ecologically clean products.

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How to receive the certificate?

The applicant provides to the certification bode «SMK STANDART» the filled application form for obtaining the certificate by means of filling of a form on our site.

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