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Anti-Corruption compliance standard

The ISO 19600:2014 standard (Governance of the Compliance Function) is used to certify the anti-corruption policy of the company.

The anti-corruption policy of the company implies a complex of inter-connected principles, procedures and specific measures that are aimed at prevention and suppression of corruption offenses within the organization. They include development of local regulatory documents, implementation of anti-corruption procedures provided in such documents, constant monitoring and assessment of their implementation, as well as anti-corruption training.

The certificate of conformity to this standard means that the anti-corruption policy is implemented in the company and checked on one of the formal levels provided for by this standard. The anti-corruption policy of the company must be aimed at absolute rejection of any corrupt acts including offering and receiving gifts, payment for some expenses and other actions that may influence the bargain: deal making, changes of terms and conditions, bargain cancellation, results of the competitive counter party determination procedure, decision-making by state and local authorities.

Any donation and sponsorship is carried out by the company based on transparency and in accordance with the law and internal regulations of the company exclusively.

The anti-corruption policy of the company must:

·         reflect company's adherence to the existing legislation, generally recognized norms and high ethical standards in business relations;

·         offer corruption prevention measures in all spheres of company's activities, including standards of business ethics, special management procedures, requirements for personnel training, rules for the special anti-corruption control and audit, procedures to prevent the conflict of interests and commercial bribery, rules for donations, sponsorship, participation in charity work, etc.;

·         decrease the risk of corrupt practices that can lead to penalties against the company for the bribery of officials, decrease the possible risk of sanctions imposed on the company for choosing agents and partners violating the anti-corruption requirements;

·         promote decent behavior of its personnel towards each other, the company itself and its commercial partners and third parties.

The ISO 19600 is a good guide for the company on how to build the compliance function or revisit already existing systems in order to identify potential gaps and vulnerable spots of the company. The standard is not compulsory, but only recommended. It is considered generally flexible because companies can adapt its recommendations to particular characteristics.

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