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Are certificates valid outside the Russian Federation?

According to this document, accreditation bodies in different countries are obliged “to facilitate recognition of conformity assessment bodies accredited by other accreditation bodies – members of the Agreement - within their accreditation system”.

But experts say that discipline in the Commonwealth of Independent States is very weak, even though it is an international organization. In most cases not all parties ratify the agreements signed within the Commonwealth. According to some analysts, very often these or those procedures do not work even in the countries that agreed to their implementation. Standardization bodies in Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan confirm that GOST R certificates are fully accepted. It appears that Armenia also accepts GOST R conformity certificates.

The above mentioned agreement of the Commonwealth of Independent States is not the only official document that regulates mutual certification recognition on the territory of the allied countries. In the framework of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), with Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Armenia being the members of it, there exists the Agreement on Principles for the Harmonization of Technical Regulations within Member Countries of the Eurasian Economic Community (2005). At the same time, within the Customs Union of Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus there is the Agreement on common principles of technical regulation in Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia (2010).

For the most part, this relates to compulsory certification. As for voluntary certificates, no country requires them from importers as a condition for realization of goods. Standards, that are not compulsory for the State, can be interesting for partners from other countries, that try to get convinced in reliability of your company by requesting this or that certificate. In this case, getting certified is not an obligation but a condition for cooperation.

In practice it looks as follows. A foreign company is ready to sign an import contract with your company only if you have an ISO 9001 certificate issued by a foreign certification body. You company has a GOST R ISO 9001, which is a translation of the English version of the ISO 9001. However, you need to get a new conformity document as foreign companies have no confidence in the Russian document and Russian certification bodies.

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