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Are you ready to expand your business internationally?

Entering a foreign market seems to be the next stage in helping your business reach new heights. However, not every business accomplishes the goal.

Unlike domestic business there are factors that need to be taken into account.

1) At first, as with domestic business, you need to do a market research. This is more difficult in a foreign country due to cultural differences and lack of access to relevant market information. Think about:

Is there a demand for your product or service? When you conduct a research see if other businesses have tried to market a similar product and failed.

2) Do you have the resources to go international market? Opening your second business can stretch your resources thin, and if mishandled, may cost you business in both your domestic and international markets.

3) The problems of international business. A key aspect of overseas business success is to understand cultural differences. When you expand into an international market you may encounter all or some of the following:

a) Compliance and tax pay will dictate many of your business decisions.  Your product will have to pass through safety standards in your target region or country.

b) Labelling is another important aspect, and if you are trying to maintain standards such as relevant ISO, then you have to be prepared to do the same that your competitors.

c) The last aspect to consider is that business may move at a much slower rate than what you are used to. Again you have to be patient and let things happen at their pace.

Going international is a big step that requires adequate preparation. In order to minimize the risks of failing on an international market you might consider using a business consultancy, such as SMK STANDARD, which is experienced in leading successful international business expansions.

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