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Benefits from ISM implementation in the enterprise

Integrated management system (IMS) is the part of general enterprise management system that meets the requirements of two or more international standards and functions as a single unit. Obviously, ISM should not be confused with enterprise whole management system uniting all aspects of its activity, since ISM doesn't address issues relating to financial or investment management, etc.

Concepts “Integrated management system” and “enterprise management system” could be identical after development of all standards for all spheres of enterprise management. According to this, it's logical to assume that creating of IMS will be actual unless all spheres of enterprise management have been standardized, and the process may be delayed.

What does IMS give?

IMS implementation in the enterprise by specialists of “SMK STANDART” allows solving the problems raised during parallel or serial independent implementation of several standards, such as:
• doubling of processes, documents, positions and functions of branches;
• intricacies of the relations between systems of Quality management, Environmental management, Occupational health and safety management during its independent implementation;
• complexity of holistic perception of management system by heads of enterprises and as a result, low effectiveness of planning, monitoring and management as a whole;
• extension of time for implementation of group of standards;
• high labor intensity and resource requirements during independent implementation of group of standards.

Specialists of “SMK STANDART” are guiding by the principles of international management standards in order to build integrated quality management system. Quality management principles such as process approach, system approach, leadership, personnel involvement, continual improvement are considered to be basic principles. Realization of these principles allows best providing of integration of separate standards to a single set.

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