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Certificate of conformity outside the EAEU

It is not easy to understand details of executing of certificate of conformity and distribution of its influence for importers, which first enter an international market. EAEU certificate of conformity is a major and the most important document connected with goods supplying to the markets of Russian Federation, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. This paper serves as proof that products and services comply with established requirements – standards and other relevant specifications of the Custom Union. If there are not technical regulations for any group of goods, it will be direct by the national legislature of the state, which is an international market.


The certificate of conformity and all difficulties connected with the procedure of its executing and adjusting expand only in countries-participants of the Custom Union. If the producer wishes to enter the international marketplace and supply its products to the USA, EU or asian countries, he needs to meet other certificating requirements and act accordingly. There are no documents classed as analogues of a certificate of the Custom Union. Usually for the international market it is a question about the certificate executed on the certificate of Quality Management System (QMS).

Existence of international certificate of QMS in the organization is the guarantee of fact that security and quality requirements will be executed during all stages of goods production. For importers seeking to enter an international market is important to introduce ISO of QMS in production process of their company as in states which are not participants of EAEU won’t be another certificate approving conformity of products. Introducing of ISO is still not obligatory for all companies excepting ones producing food.

ISO system contains several separate levels. The most extended are ISO 9001:2008 which is responsible for increasing of quality of producing goods on account of deputation of responsibility and IOS 22000:2007 also known as Hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) system and employed in food industry.

In other words strict observance of technological rules in the production, formulas, sanitary standards, control of raw material quality and completed good – all these procedures are guaranteed abroad by respecting requirements of ISO. But these requirements are enough strict: annual inspection control, high fines and possibility to be excluded from the list of international producers – the importer will face with all these stuff. But the advantage of introducing ISO of Quality Management System well above – popularity of the brand, unconditional quality of good or service, profit from the international market participation.

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