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Certificate of origin

When exported, produce is thoroughly inspected at the customs, and certificates of origin (CT-1, Form A, common form) can be included to the set of documents. They confirm that the product is manufactured on the territory of Russia, and more than 50% of it constitutes domestic raw materials. Certificates of origin have the international status, and are submitted by exporters in such cases, when there are preferential customs tariffs in the country they import to, and there is an opportunity to use a zero per cent rate of VAT enabling to import produce without paying fees. In order to use such preferences a company must provide CT-1 or Form A certificates.

The above mentioned certificates are issued by Chambers of Commerce and Trade under contracts, invoices and other documents that can confirm the Russian origin of the produce. Certificates are issued under the Federal Law on Chambers of Commerce and Trade in the Russian Federation. Certificates do not have an effective term, which is given after each export shipment.

·         Certificate of origin Form CT-1

Manufacturers submit such a certificate to the customs if they export their goods to the CIS countries. CT-1 is printed in Russian; its form is unified for all CIS countries.

According to the Free Trade Agreement accepted by 11 countries in 1994, those who provide a certificate of origin Form CT-1 can use a customs privilege, when paying VAT.

After the Customs Union was created in 2010, a new rule came into force: CT-1 is not mandatory for exporters that work in the participant countries of the Customs Union. Exceptional cases are only those, when the product crosses the border of the Customs Union, and is exported to one of the CIS countries. In this case, Russian exporters must prepare CT-1 before the goods are exported.

·         Certificate of origin Form A

It is needed for manufacturers exporting their goods to the EU countries, the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. As opposed to the certificate of origin Form CT-1, Form A is issued in English and, necessarily, on form sheets with copy protection.

The document is executed in accordance with the International Agreement of GSP that comprised 29 countries, including Russia. This certificate in the set of documents is mandatory, if the product (its certain, defined types) is exported to the countries with bilateral tariff preferences.

·         Certificate of origin (common form)

This document has an informative purpose and does not provide an exporter with the right to use customs privileges. Nevertheless, it may be mandatory for Russian exporters to the external market, if it is required by international contracts. This certificate of origin simply informs customs officers and customers about the fact that not less than 50% of Russian raw materials were used to manufacture the product.

You can get a certificate of origin (CT-1, Form A or common form) with the help of the SMK STANDART certification center. It takes about 2 days to prepare the documents, which should be taken into account, when you get ready for exporting goods.

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