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Certification in Europe and Russia

The field of standardization in Europe has a rather long history, and in some areas it is similar to the Russian one. This can be linked to the fact that the certification process here should simultaneously serve the interests of all EU member states, which makes it similar to the process taking place within the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU).

It is also worth mentioning the European EN standards, which can be regarded as a kind of analogues to the technical regulations of the Customs Union. They are developed by the European Committee for Standardization for certain categories of goods. After the adoption of a supranational standard, as in the EAEU, similar national standards should be abolished, since now a single EU standard will be used as such. The requirements contained in such documents are sufficiently clear and strictly formulated. Therefore, products that have been tested for compliance with such requirements are characterized by high demand not only in Europe. They are also in demand in other countries, including in the category of developed countries such as New Zealand, Australia, the U.S. and others.

However, the certification systems in Russia and Europe have an important difference. I In Russia the main attention is paid to the quality of the final product, while in European countries more importance is given to the process of its production. The leading role in this regard is played by the International Organization for Standardization ISO, which develops quality management systems in various areas, including social responsibility, environmental welfare and so on. Generalized standards sometimes are developed that include requirements for both products and production characteristics. They are generally labelled with the double designation EN ISO.

Specialists of the company «SMK STANDART” note that the application of ISO certificate in Russia gives the company a significant competitive advantage, provides an increase in its image in the world market, allows it to engage in outsourcing, helps attract major investors, partners and helps the organization to reach a new level.

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