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Certification systems in Russia

Certification systems are the system of rules, regulations and criteria of product quality, methods of their identification and evaluation of conformity to required parameters.

At the moment, Russia has over one hundred different certification systems, which in turn subdivided into two groups of certification systems: voluntary and obligatory ones.

Obligatory certification system implies that verification of compliance of product or service quality is established under the law as a mandatory requirement, so the sale of this product is impossible without registration of the relevant documents. The most important systems of obligatory certification systems in Russia are:
1) GOST R certification system,
2) hygienic (or sanitary-epidemiological) certification system,
3) fire safety certification system.

Voluntary certification systems differ from obligatory systems in that no one can require the voluntary certificate. However, any voluntary certification is confirmation of goods or services quality and producer liability.

The most common obligatory certification system in Russia is GOST R which applies to almost all products subject to mandatory certification according to the “Russian Federation Consumer Protection Act”. Producers obtaining voluntary certification refer directly to it. Issuing GOST R conformity certificates is carried out by the specialized companies. “SMK STANDART” Company is successfully engaged in certification and declaration since 2013. Experts of the “SMK STANDART” develop themselves the documents on QMS (Quality Management System) for a client company. Extensive experience in the sphere of certification allows “SMK STANDART” Company to learn the demands of auditors and enlarge significantly the scope of certification system.

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