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Customs Union certificate of conformity

The Customs Union certificate of conformity defines quality of goods basing on standard specifications registered in supporting documents within the established norms. Juridically the document is applied within the member countries only: Russia, the Republic of Kazakstan, Belorussia, Armenia, the Kyrgyz Republic.

The Customs Union certificate of conformity enables to pass goods through Customs much more quickly within customs areas of the member countries. Having the Customs Union certificate of conformity when transporting goods or produce, you will be fully equipped in terms of the product base. Earlier many entrepreneurs spent a lot of time at customs points in order to pass thorough inspection of goods they accompanied, which extended delivery periods.  Many entrepreneurs suffered thumping damages, especially when perishable products were transported: In this case the situation used to turn into a disaster. Having the Customs Union certificate of conformity from "SMK STANDARD" guarantees easy border-crossing within the Customs Union.

The procedure of getting the certificate and the certificate itself are identical for all member countries of the Customs Union. It means that if your supplier delivers goods to you from one of the member countries, and doesn't have the certificate, it will have to undergo this procedure, which is identical to the certification procedure in your country. 

You can order the Customs Union certificate of conformity in the "SMK STANDARD" certification center. For that you just need to specify the list of goods, name of the companies, and brands that will be exported within the Customs Union.

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How to receive the certificate?

The applicant provides to the certification bode «SMK STANDART» the filled application form for obtaining the certificate by means of filling of a form on our site.

If you have additional questions – contact our specialists by phone +442035146935.

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