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Differences between mandatory and voluntary certification within the CU

A complex system of quality control of products and their safety is established in Russia and within ​​the Customs Union. The concept of the system is simple: the products quality of which is strategically important for the country are strictly controlled, while the supervision of the simpler products in this respect is less vigilant.

Certification is one of the mechanisms used by the state to control products on the market. Certification is arranged on either a voluntary or mandatory basis. SMK STANDART experts will help companies from Asia and countries of the near abroad to obtain a certificate or register a declaration of conformity for various types of products.

Mandatory and voluntary certification can be carried out in accordance with the requirements of GOST R, Technical Regulations of the Russian Federation and Technical Regulations of the Customs Union. The main difference lies in the fact that the mandatory certificate will be required in any case if the manufacturer is willing to sell the certified products. There is a Unified List of products subject to mandatory certification within the Customs Union.

Voluntary certification is not registered in the Unified List of products. In addition, product testing in the case of voluntary certification is conducted only by the criteria and parameters specified by the applicant. Standards and guidelines applied for the testing of samples prescribed in the technical regulations or GOST are binding.

You can obtain a certificate of conformity of the Customs Union with the assistance of SMK STANDART specialists. The advantage of mandatory certification for foreign companies is that the conclusion of SMK STANDART is valid throughout the entire territory of the Customs Union, so there is no need to issue individual documents for each shipment.

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