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Difficulty and specificity in obtaining of Certificate of Compliance with the Customs Union Technical Regulations

Customs Union Technical Regulation certificate confirms the compliance of products with the current requirements of the Custom Union. The certificate is required for import of product, also for its implementation and circulation within the territories of the Eurasian Economic Union states (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan). It's difficult to obtain such a document without additional assistance since it must meet certain requirements:

– CU TR certificate can be issued to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, registered in accordance with the legislation on the territory of any Member State of the EAEU. Applicants for certification can be both manufacturers and sellers, so and enterprises, performing the functions of a foreign manufacturer by the relevant treaty.
– Each Technical Regulation contains the list of goods subject to the certification within the relevant Regulation.
- The unified form of the certificate and the roles for its execution are approved by the Decision of the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission on December 25, 2012 No. 293 "On unified forms of the certificate of conformity and declaration of conformity to the technical regulations of the Customs Union and the execution rules". This document sets the requirements for the information contained in Certificate and for its form, right up to its letterhead with four degrees of protection against counterfeiting.
– Unlike the CU TR Declaration, the CU TR Certificate is issued on a special form sealed with a stamp of the issuing accredited body.
– Products certified in the framework of the Customs Union must be labeled with the unified mark “EAC”.
– CU TR Certificate can be issued either for a certain batch of goods or single item or on series production for a period of one to five years.
– Conformity checking process often includes testing of samples; in some cases an expert's visit to the production line is required.

All CU TR certificates shall be mandatory registered and recorded in the General register of issued certificates on the website of the Federal Service for Accreditation. “SMK STANDART” Company are always ready to assist foreign companies in obtaining such documents, our experts will consult on any connected questions.

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How to receive the certificate?

The applicant provides to the certification bode «SMK STANDART» the filled application form for obtaining the certificate by means of filling of a form on our site.

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