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Energy management in the international ISO system

Regulation of the company activity in the sphere of energy management is carried out according to ISO 50001 standards. The aim of such a procedure is to reduce environmental impact of the company activity and, as a result, improve indicators in this sphere.

ISO 50001 certification is considered to be the initial step of the whole process aiming at bringing into compliance the energy consumption management system. Other standards of the series include additions and clarifications of the basic requirements.

Such a procedure, which is not compulsory, is initiated by the business, and emanates from the aims pursued by its top management. However, practice shows that most companies aimed at long-term commitment and development prefer to get an ISO 50001-2012 certificate. It allows providing stable activity of the company, as well as withdrawing claims from the regulators' side, and gives competitive advantages.

ISO 50001 certification allows cutting down expenses by reducing energy consumption (which may amount to 20%), as well as controlling risks connected with energy supply and its use in technological processes. Having an ISO 50001 certificate allows the company to demonstrate a responsible approach to energy consumption, which is highly appreciated by international partners.

Where to get GOST R ISO 50001-2012? If you have decided to organize high-quality energy management, you'd better obtain professional support from SMK STANDART.

Advantages of getting GOST R ISO 50001 in the SMK STANDART company:

·         service provision in full accordance with the law;

·         flexible price policy;

·         experience, responsibility and reliability for Russian and international clients.

SMK STANDART specialists are ready to perform procedures and provide certificates within the shortest possible period of time.

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