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EU certification

Unfortunately, in order to sell produce in the EU, a Customs Union certificate is not enough. Indeed, technical regulations of the Customs Union are very similar to EU directives, but product safety standards are entirely different. That is why one should be careful enough with the certification process being aware of all the possible responsibilities and consequences. Being ignorant about EU certification processes, Russian producers subject themselves to negative results, wasted money and other resources.

Before exporting to Europe it is necessary to confirm that the produce conforms to European safety standards. Such inspection can be held in accredited laboratories only. According to inspection results, one can obtain a declaration of conformity and get a conformity certificate in the accredited body.

When referring to the European conformity certification, they often mean the mandatory CE marking, which is affixed to products if they have gone through all the necessary certification procedures. Beside that, voluntary marking and certificates should be mentioned. Among them - GS quality mark, as well as TÜV marking.  Such marks are affixed to most kinds of products exported to the EU. Unlike in the Russian certification system, which has been thoroughly discredited in recent years, in the EU in the case of violations one can face serious financial implications, and even criminal prosecution. That is why European produce certification issue should be dealt with in a responsible manner.

Voluntary labelling can be more difficult than standard mandatory certification procedures. But, at the same time, voluntary conformity labelling is an additional competitive advantage for your produce on the EU and Russian markets: many European companies that work on the Russian market prefer companies with well-known European conformity, safety and quality marks.

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