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Experience and business reputation – a generalized evaluation of reliability of a business entity

Business reputation is a set of characteristics determining the level of trust and motivation for accessing services or purchasing goods of a business entity under evaluation. Today, the Russian Federation has adopted standards that allow evaluating experience and business reputation.

The standards provide for:

- higher competitiveness of business entities;

- objective assessment of business entities based on the unified approach and methodology;

- assistance to consumers in their competent choice of suppliers of goods, services, works.


By introducing the aforementioned GOSTs, the state provides the society with the criteria for a unified objective and reliable evaluation of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, selling goods, performing works, or providing services, which becomes a fundamental criterion for the consumer to choose a business entity. The evaluation of business reputation is a matter of optional choiceon part of the business entity, while reluctance to be evaluated should immediately alert the consumer.

It should be noted, that any business entity can independently conduct a self-evaluation of its business reputation to identify pinch points and negative factors preventing it from taking a leading position in the market and satisfying consumers' needs. Based on the self-evaluation results, a business entity can contact specialized organizations (SMK STANDART or the like) with highly qualified expertise in the area of conformity assessment, work experience, necessary powers and reputation.

The procedure for expert evaluation by specialized organizations (certification bodies) is strictly regulated by the state, devoid of subjectivity, bias, and interest. It really provides the consumer with a tool to make a competent choice of the performer, so the consumer’s expectations will coincide with real characteristics of the goods, services and works.

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