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Company executives that take the path of implementing a QMS in their companies should ensure occurrence of these factors.

A)                 Top management leadership. The key element of a QMS implementation is the CEO's personal commitment and ambition to form up an effective system. It is advisable that the top management control the process of QMS development and implementation.

B)                 Engaging a qualified quality manager. The role of such an employee is especially important when a company decides to form up a QMS without engaging external consultants. A quality manager should have knowledge, skills and experience in the field of QMS implementation according to ISO 9000.

C)                 Personnel training and education. In order to decrease resistance of personnel to changes that go along with the process of QMS development, the company's top management should form a system of inner communication that will allow educating personnel, explain the goals, meaning and content of the current changes, as well as introduce general principles of the quality management system and the company's goals in the field of quality. Also it is required that personnel be taught to act in accordance with new procedures and regulations of the QMS.

D)                 Involving personnel into the activity in the field of quality. Involving personnel into the process of QMS development considerably increases staff motivation, while resources are saved and internal connections are strengthened.

E)                  Forming up quality management ideology. An effective QMS is impossible without changing the company's ideology, which is the area of responsibility of the company's top management. Only real facts can make personnel acknowledge QMS efficiency.

Engaging external consultants. Qualified QMS specialists, such as SMK STANDART specialists, can considerably help a company develop and implement such a system. Engaging consultants will allow your company to shorten the terms of QMS creation, mitigate risks and avoid mistakes when developing and implementing documentation.

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