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Why does certification for the international ISO 9000 standard influence the enterprise value? Two groups of companies interested in value assessment /enhancement can be singled out: companies willing to encourage international and Russian investment, and companies preparing for partial or complete sale.

1.                  Companies willing to encourage international and Russian investment. Having an international QMS certificate issued by SMK STANDART can be crucial when attracting investment. It increases the degree of reliability and trust in the company on the part of potential investors, mitigates the risks of investment services and acts as a guarantor for investment companies. Cooperation with a company having an international ISO 9000 certificate is considered less risky due to 2 key factors:

·                    good inner structuring and consistency of the enterprise's activity, as well as a more transparent management system;

·                    periodical external inspections from the side of an independent registrar.

2.                  Companies preparing for partial or complete sale. The fair market value of a company comprises the value of its assets and the systemic effect (goodwill). Goodwill constitutes intangible assets of the company including its image, business reputation, customer relations, trade marks, location, product range, etc. These factors are not accentuated or evaluated in enterprise accounting but add weight to the brand.

SMK STANDART specialists will help your company form up a quality management system, which allows you to considerably enhance such goodwill constituents as image and brand reputation. At the same time, a certified quality management system of the company is one of the goodwill constituents; hence getting a certificate directly influences the appreciation of the company. 

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