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How to develop occupational safety instructions?

Who develops occupational safety instructions? If we have a look at normative legal documents, we can notice that none of them cites exact positions that are responsible for development of occupational safety instructions. The only mention referred to development of occupational safety instructions obliges the employer to do so. There are not many options, indeed: occupational safety instructions can be developed by the employer, or the employee responsible for occupational health and safety (in some cases - specialists in occupational health and safety), or divisional managers.

In micro- and small companies it is usually done by the CEO. The positive factor in this case is that the CEO fully understands occupational safety and health risks and can develop the most precise occupational safety instructions. But there is also a negative side: while this is not the primary activity, the top management will lose time and decrease task performance.

The owner of a large company staffed by about 50 employees can entrust development of occupational safety instructions to a particular employee with the profile education. The main advantage here is that the CEO is not distracted from his direct obligations. Moreover, the occupational safety specialist will be competent for such an activity, and will be aware of nuances of the document flow in the sphere of occupational health and safety. We can also mention reasoned separation of duties in the sphere of occupational health and safety, distribution of paperwork, as well as competent development of instructions.

Finally, one more solution here is to engage SMK STANDART specialists to develop occupational safety instructions. The extensive experience will help to fulfill this work promptly and accurately: working with companies from different spheres for many years SMK STANDART experts have learnt to not only reflect the top management requests but also peculiarities of the company.

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