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How to make entering the Russian market successful?

For any foreign company wishing to start a business in Russia, certain requirements are established that must be observed when importing and selling products on the country's consumer market. Basically, such requirements relate to the quality and safety of products, but there are other guidelines aimed at identifying any specific characteristics and indicators of products.

Before you start delivering products to Russia, you should carefully study all the requirements of the legislation in a specific field of business and find out exactly, which rules apply to the procedure for importing goods, and which permits may be required for its legal implementation by Russian consumers.

How to make entering the Russian market successful?

When foreign companies enter the Russian market, they often encounter problems in obtaining permits, which is caused by many nuances in the implementation of identification procedures and subsequent evaluation of product quality. And this is not surprising, because in Russia, in addition to national legislation, the rules for the import and circulation of goods are established by the EAEU member countries (including the Russian Federation).

The main documents, that are necessary when importing and selling goods in Russia, are:

• certificates and declarations GOST R (Russian certification system);

• certificates and declarations of the EAEU (legislation of the Customs Union);

• certificate of state registration (Rospotrebnadzor - based on the legislation of the CU);

• fire declarations and certificates of conformity;

• registration certificates (for medical products);

• phytosanitary certificates (for products of plant origin);

• design safety certificate;

• other permits.

You should also be aware that if the product requires a mandatory conformity assessment procedure, the foreign company cannot be the recipient of the document. To complete the declaration, it is necessary that the foreign company is represented by an organization officially registered in Russia as a legal entity.

To avoid difficulties and problems during the import of products and their subsequent sale, you should contact the company SMK STANDART, which will help you get all the permits required for importing and trafficking in goods in the Russian Federation.

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