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How to start ISO 9001 QMS implementation?

This is a global project for the whole company that can influence business effectiveness in the future, which means the approach to project planning and realization should be carefully designed and provided with all the necessary resources.

It is the first stage that is very important for QMS implementation. A lot of companies make a common mistake when buying a suite of QMS document templates, sometimes even from a company of the different industry sector, and trying to adapt them to their business single-handed. Others invite specialists that produce tons of documents that are difficult to understand not only for average executives but for the top management as well.

SMK STANDART specialists recommend, first of all, building up a project concept for ISO 9001 implementation. The main thing here is to clearly define the goals that you want to achieve with the help of a QMS. The project goals may be various: from achieving operational and financial indicators to total re-engineering of all business processes in the company, and getting the leading positions on the market. Such goals can be taken from the business plan or strategic development program.

Secondly, it is necessary to undergo a procedure that is frequently ignored by many – the diagnostic audit of the existing management system. Its results will be the basis for your QMS. Diagnostics enables checking your company's activity on all levels. You can discover all management problems (from an employee to the CEO) at any stage of production.

Thirdly, a detailed project plan on ISO 9001 QMS implementation should be worked out. Such a plan must include not only production of QMS documentation but also personnel development events such as training courses. Finally, it is important to understand that a QMS is an organized and effective activity of each company member, which is aimed at the shared goal and continual progress.

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