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How to understand that your company requires a QMS?

Try to answer the following questions to see if your company needs a quality management system:

• Is your company large?

• Is your company growing and developing fast?

• Does your company carry out territorial expansion?

Even one positive answer to any of these questions indicates that your company needs formalized rules and regulations.

The leadership of any company in 99% of cases meets resistance at the initial stage of implementation of a QMS. Many employees of a company argue as follows: why do we need to implement QMS so quickly, besides attracting third-party consultants?

In fact, the implementation of a quality management system that meets the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard is a powerful accelerator of developments in a company. As part of the QMS implementation project, company management and its employees are forced to act quickly, overcoming laziness and reluctance. In this part, experts agree with everyone who implemented the QMS: this event is always associated with additional costs of effort, time, money, and moreover associated with the cognitive restructuring, and this is the most difficult. But the main thing to keep in mind when implementing a QMS at an enterprise is to increase the company's competitiveness.

Each enterprise has its own problems that impede its development. To become competitive, one must recognize the weaknesses in the enterprise, and begin to strengthen them. Very often companies have a weak spot – this is a poor financial management in the face of economic instability. Thus, the QMS is being introduced, in particular, in order to achieve financial transparency at your enterprise and to understand how the company benefits and due to which losses. QMS promotes management understanding of its own financial processes and material flows of the company.

If you still have questions about the feasibility of certification and the implementation of the QMS in the company, you can always get consultation from the specialists of the company "SMK STANDART".

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