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Hygienic safety in accordance with HACCP

If your company operates in the food industry, you need to demonstrate that hygiene and food safety are a priority for your company.

Potential food risks are determined by the HACCP system, an international concept that provides for the systematic identification, assessment and management of hazards affecting product safety.

For enterprises of the EAEU countries participating in the same food production chain, the technical regulation of the Customs Union “On Food Safety” is mandatory. It is fully built on the principles of HACCP. The technical regulation of the Customs Union TR CU 021/2011 "On Food Safety" has entered into force throughout the Russian Federation and member countries of the Customs Union since 2013.

The technical regulation "On Food Safety" establishes the general mandatory safety requirements for food products and their processing. This document describes the objects of technical regulation, terms and definitions, rules of circulation in the food market, rules for determining food products as objects of technical regulation. In addition, the technical regulation prescribes mandatory safety requirements for food products and processes associated with their production, storage, transportation, sale and disposal.

To meet these requirements, food enterprises of the Eurasian Economic Union must implement quality management systems based on ISO 9000, HACCP and ISO 14000 environmental safety standards. This can be a difficult task for small food companies.

The company SMK STANDARD will help you implement a quality management system according to GOST R ISO 22000-2007 with the receipt of relevant documents of Russian or international standard. This certificate is valid throughout the Russian Federation and the CU countries, and international standard documents will be recognized by your partners around the world.

Our experts will appreciate the conditions of food production at the enterprise, the procedures for ensuring their quality and verification. By implementing a quality management system, you will gain the trust of customers in their food products.

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The applicant provides to the certification bode «SMK STANDART» the filled application form for obtaining the certificate by means of filling of a form on our site.

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