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ISO 14001 environmental management international certification

ISO 14001 is a series of international standards for environmental management system. GOST R ISO 14000-2007 is a Russian analogue of ISO 14000, which specifies the aims of politics, principles and requirements to environmental management systems.

“SMK STANDART” Company helps to implement environmental management system based on ISO 14001 in production process. It is an effective instrument in which the organization could manage with all set of actions on environment in accordance with international requirements.

Having ISO 14001certification allows organization to get the following advantages:
1) to improve ecological situation;
2) to provide energy and natural resources saving regime;
3) to reduce ecological disasters;
4) to prevent and limit the number of contingencies;
5) to inform the population and participate in matters concerning the environment.

ISO 14001 environmental management system applies as a part of a common system of business administration. It provides for the organizational structure, planning and control system, recourse management practices which are necessary for effective implementation of environmental policies and proper compliance with modern requirements in the field of industrial ecology.

Implementation of ISO 14001 with the assistance of “SMK STANDART” Company allows you to improve the enterprise management system in order to avoid adverse effects on the environment, to achieve energy and resource savings aimed at environmental management.

ISO 14001 is fully compatible with OHSAS 18001 and ISO 9001 which jointly constitute integrated management system.

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