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ISO 20000 standard specification

ISO 20000 is an international standard, including IT-service management system requirements that focus on creation and effective usage of this management type. This standard is developed based on international practices and can be applied for any company where IT-services play a key role.

This standard includes not only recommendations on how to build up management processes for IT-services, but also introduces criteria that can be used to objectively assess the IT-service management system. Specialists from "SMK STANDARD" know that IT-services do not take into account business and customer needs, hence there appear a lot of problems that can be solved with the help of ISO 20000.

ISO 20000 certification advantages:

* Outside suppliers of IT-services use this certificate as their competitive advantage. Moreover, ISO 20000 is a prevalent contracting requirement.

* This standard stimulates business development, giving an opportunity to focus on in-demand services.

* ISO 20000 is the instrument for managing outside suppliers effectively.

* There appear new opportunities to increase reliability and effectiveness of IT-services, improve the service level and reduce costs.

* The process of service management assessment simplifies, which helps to provide expert support and development.

* The company audit procedure performed by the supplier shortens considerably, which minimizes costs;

* ISO 20000 is compatible with all basic international ISO standards.

ISO 20000 certification with the help of the "SMK STANDARD" company enables to demonstrate to your clients that you apply the best procedures and act as a quality guarantor of IT-services.

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