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ISO 22301: Business Continuity Management System

Natural, environmental or technological disasters of various scales can happen any time, in any place. Their causes can have different nature of origin, but the likelihood and severity of such incidents are very close to come true. The ability to react quickly and effectively becomes a matter of survival in case the organization suddenly faced with this kind of risks.

Of course, most of incidents have a relatively small scale, however, any negative event may have a significant impact on the work of the organization, and this fact makes the problem of business continuity management very relevant.

ISO 22301 helps organization regardless of its size and sphere of activity, especially operating under increased risk conditions, to prepare better for incidents of any type and remove them more effectively.
ISO 22301 establishes principles of planning, development, implementation, maintenance, monitoring, analysis and continual improvement of business continuity management system. ISO 22301 implementing with the assistance of “SMK STANDART” Company helps your organization to defend and recover normal activity in force majeure situations which may cause a devastating impact on the business.

“SMK STANDART” Company guarantees that the organization implemented the ISO 22301 standard can demonstrate to customers and any interested party its abilities to:
• protect key assets and maintain its reputation;
• identify and eliminate the consequences of violations of the normal business operation;
• reduce insurance premiums;
• obtain a competitive advantage in the event of a crisis;
• keep commitments in case of crises situation.

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