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ISO 28001 – systems of safity management of supply chain

Experts say about international illegal interferences increases in import and export supply chain. This fact poses a threat to trade relations and economic well being of countries. Given this situation society, goods, transport system and funds need in protection of various kinds of illegal interference and influence. Security establishment helps economic and social development.

In world wide dimension there are great number of organizations and business partners with complex constructed system. ISO 28001 standard allows to use safety control measures for every organization due to features and functions in a whole supply chain.

ISO 28001 certificate issued by Russian company SMK Standard is used by organizations for their security and safety within controlled areas of supply chain and their key components, in making reasoned decisions to prevent threats and minimize risks.

ISO 28001 standard doesn’t try to replace or displace existing requirements in customs legislation, it helps facilitate world trade, interacting with leadings safety standards of World Customs Organization and countries of the customs unions.

Country not belonging to the Customs union get a number of advantages if the introduction of ISO 28001 standard. There are:
- general reduction of cases of violations in security situation and decreasing the amount of damages;
- effectual control and risk management in security situation;
- optimization of capital spend on supporting of rational safety level;
- productive cooperation with partners and interested parties in security matters;
- leveraging of competitive advantages;
- increasing of investment attractiveness.

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