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ISO 39001:2012 Road Traffic Safety Management System

Road safety entails an international dimension. More than 1, 24 million people die in road accidents annually in the world. World experience shows that significant reduction of deaths and injuries caused by road accidents could be achieved through adoption of holistic and systematic approach to road safety. Road Traffic Safety Management System is focused on results and actual actions in the field of road safety supported by relevant institutional management capacity.

ISO 39001:2012 “Road Traffic Safety Management System” Standard was developed to improve road safety. Customs Union member states begun to implement this standard since 2013. GOST R ISO 30001-2014 National Standard was prepared by All-Russian Research Institute on the basis of Road traffic safety international documentation. This Standard has an adapted translation of international version; therefore it is recognized by foreign organizations.

The Standard extends to public and private organizations interacted with road traffic system. It can be used by internal and external parties including certification bodies in order to assess organization ability to meet the requirements.

“SMK STANDARD” Company is able to implement ISO 39001:2012 Standard attracting efficient road safety management practices. Your company receives following preferences while implementing the standard:
1. Proper planning of enterprise activity;
2. Increase of consumer confidence and trust and growing quantity of orders as a result;
3. Opportunity to participate in various tenders;
4. Decrease in the number of audits;
5. Personnel management (skills development, retraining);
6. Introduction of energy-saving technologies and methods to reduce air emissions.

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