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ISO 9001: 8 principles of Quality Management System

In the present highly competitive conditions consumers are placing increasing demands on its suppliers. Consumers give their preference to suppliers demonstrating the compliance with their requirements.

Over than 1 million companies in 178 countries passed the certification in accordance with ISO 9001.
• ISO 9001 is an international standard of quality management systems, published by ISO (International Organization of Standardization).
• ISO 9001 Standard establishes framework requirements for quality process management.
• ISO 9001 is based on 8 principles of quality management systems.

Business benefits from Quality Management System certification.

Certification according ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standard guarantees your business to meet the customer's requirements and requirements of legislation.

Continuous improvement of your business activities.

Quality Management System, as it's written in ISO 9001 Standard, helps optimize processes and increase efficiency of business activities.

Increasing of level of customer's satisfaction.

Quality Management System enhances reliability of your business in order to meet the customer's requirements and even more – exceed the requirements.
ISO 9001 Standard is compatible with other standards and specifications of management systems such as OHSAS 18001(Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System).


Confirm the compliance with the international standards.

ISO certificate issued by a world leader in the field of certification shows high level of conformity to quality standards of your business while tendering proceedings.

Enter new local and international markets.

Certified management system in accordance with ISO 9001, your company gets relevant documentation proving adherence to principles of quality assurance and customer satisfaction.
Providing a high level of services, your company also gets improved access to local and international client companies.

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Nathan Iso 29 сентября 2020
Great article! <a href = https://www.nathanisoconsulting.com/>ISO</a> is indeed transforming businesses and now they are able to progress more rapidly than before. Such progress would take world to a whole new level.

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