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ISO 9001 disadvantages

The main ambition for any company willing to work on the goods and service market is profiting.

One of the main conditions for this - effective management system. That is why ISO 9000 standards are so popular in the world. They offer a methodology for management system integration that will be quality-oriented, as well as requirements that such a system will comply with.

However, discussions have been going on, and even though the third issue of ISO 9001 is already in force, managers still lay challenges to such standards. Apparently, specialists who created these standards could not make them clear enough, and minimal flaws of a standardized document may lead to serious problems when it comes to practice.

For instance, the ISO 9001 standard does not require any determination for the performance time. However, any CEO wants to strictly determine when processes start, develop and finish. Every process should be mapped out, which gives an opportunity to control task performance individually and as a whole process.

For Russian specialists there is a translation problem as they have to deal with a flawed translation rather than the original. Even an experienced manager can find it difficult to understand texts on the above-mentioned standards.

Ambiguities and understatements in these standards provide a wide field of activity (not always perfect and honest) for consulting companies that increase expenses for quality management system development and integration. Moreover, ISO 9000 standards are considered to be quite an expensive financial and resource mechanism for companies at the implementation stage, as well as in the operation.

SMK STANDART company guarantees authenticity and objectivity of the ISO requirements to be confirmed, as well as clarity for any certification-related task.

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