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ISO certification and Environmental Management System

Nowadays ISO certification according to Quality Management System (QMS) is accessible to almost every foreign company regardless of its kind of business activity and size. Many ISO standards are universal and applicable to any type of organization.

Practice has proved the viability of ISO standards. GOST R ISO 9001:2008 is adapted Russian national standard to series of ISO 9000 standards. Even earlier, in 2001, GOST R ISO9001:2001 standard was adopted.

ISO certificate which complies with Russian regulations of Quality Management System (QMS) can be received on the basis on these standards. In this case ISO certificate validity is applicable in the territory of Russian Federation.

Series of ISO 14001 standards. Foreign companies passed, as a rule, complex adaptation to international requirements for QMS development and improvement, don't stop, most commonly, just on this achievement. Large corporations need to make new commitments for further integration to the world market.

Series of ISO 14001 standards act as such international requirements – requirements for highly efficient Environmental Management System (EMS). It's no secret to anyone that public views on environment problems, also on reducing the impact of industrial activity on nature and the world, have change significantly in recent decades.

Implementation of ISO 14001 standards, creating EMS and relevant ISO certification indicate company's reliability. Existence of ISO certificate of EMS is common business practice in countries belonging to the World Trade Organization (WTO).

In Russia GOST R ISO 14001-2005 regulation was created on the basis of ISO 14001:2004 international standard. ISO certificate received in accordance with Russian norms demonstrates that organization meets the environmental requirements. This certificate is valid in the Russian Federation, also it is taken into account by foreign partners.

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