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ISO standards: which one to choose?

 There exist many standards and each of them has a number of specific norms and requirements that can be used for correct certification of one or another company.
Due to the fact that standardization does not take much time, getting a certificate is the right thing almost any company can do. Thus, the key part is to involve a good accreditation center, such as, for instance, SMK STANDART, which can suggest further steps and put your company on the track of the correct and promptest certification.

The most popular international ISO standards.

There are a lot of ISO standards, but, from the point of view of universality, the most interesting ones are the following:

1)    ISO 9000 with its components is, probably, the most popular international standard in Russia. This standard is intended to control and direct a quality management system, which can be found almost in any company. It gives wide opportunities for business development and puts it on a relatively high level even from the ground up;

2)    One more popular international standard is ISO 50001, which is in charge of the energy management system. Every company wants to optimize its energy consumption and make the business more profitable. That is why putting the energy sphere in order is one of the priority tasks;

3)    Certification to a standard confirming the company's experience, qualification or business reputation is also very popular. This standard is quite old, but still in great request. It allows companies to succeed practically in any sphere.

SMK STANDART certification company helps to professionally conduct assessment for one of the international standards.

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