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Main problems of an ISO 9001 Quality Management System implementation

Quality Management System (QMS) implementation is rather complex project for any company and requires accurate knowledge and compliance with all patterns and documentation. There are the most common difficulties in the project of such scope:
• failing to take strategic action by individual staff members and managers to create a system;
• powerful organizational structure, functional management;
• internal barriers between departments, lack of understanding of overall goals of organization, the gap of trust between different levels of staff;
• imbalance of responsibility and authority;
• the low level of production standards;
• the absence of a clearly articulated vision, mission, common ideology, philosophy, principles of development for the entire company;
• there is no description of the processes, key processes are not identified, qualitative and quantitative criteria are not defined and not measured;
• quality refers only to product quality, not to quality of processes, resources, management decisions;
• the lack of measurement of customer satisfaction and marketing.

QMS ISO 9001 certification will help you to overcome those difficulties with the assistance of “SMK STANDART” specialists. It's an effective tool for improving activities, which leads company to a new level of development. Establishment, implementation and further certification of QMS in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 are held in Russia in quite some time.

Popularity of QMS implementation is easily explained by the fact that collaborative projects with foreign companies in Russia demand from partners to follow the same rules of game. Such rules, particularly, are uniform requirements for quality assurance of output products. The certificate of quality ensures that approach to quality assurance is carried out on an ongoing systematic basis.

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