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Operating manual development

The operating manual (OM) is necessary for entrepreneurs that produce equipment and units of different types. The OM contains a big data storage concerning the device and methods of its usage.

The OM is needed to inform the user about the principles of operation, properties and performance of this or that product. The document contains the information concerning correct operation of the equipment, its intended use, technical servicing, maintenance, storage and transportation. Thus, the OM must directly and explicitly explain to the consumer how to use and maintain the product, and what to do in an emergency.

The OM is obligatory for all sophisticated technical devices and products. It is a part of the design and technical documentation.

The OM is needed for:

·         users in order to understand the peculiarities of product use;

·         service technicians.

The document comes along with the product throughout its life cycle, including the period after commercialization. Whether this document is full and well-written is crucial for product safety and efficiency.

According to the requirements, the OM must include the following:

·         design description and characteristics of the device, as well as purposes of its pieces;

·         principles and peculiarities of device operation;

·         technical characteristics of the product;

·         complete set, description of components;

·         exploitation standards;

·         analysis methods of the device status;

·         fire and health safety measures;

·         list of measures in an emergency;

·         repair methods, indicators of the need for repair;

·         information about safe product disposal, recycling regulations.

According to the rules, the operating manual can be created by an employee of the company with the relevant experience and specialization, or by a third-party center. The easiest option here is to involve a certification center that will prepare the OM fast and in strict compliance with the existing legal requirements.

The manual is created in the preparatory phase either for a separate product or a group of products of the same type. The procedure of OM preparation is the same as the one for technical and design documentation.

If an OM does not meet the requirements of the existing national standards or does not comply with other regulations, it may not be used. If an OM is developed for highly specialized goods, it must comply with the safety requirements for industrial equipment.

SMK STANDART specialists can advice you on what necessary documents to prepare and help you develop some of them.  A correct OM is a key to the successful business.

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