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Procedure for certification of imported products in Russian Federation

Surely you'll have a question in the case of importing to Russia some goods or equipment: what certificates are required to obtain. Not sure where to start? First, it's necessary to determine customs commodity code of imported products. Customs broker you'll deal with, assign and conform a number and custom code with customs authorities.

There are two ways of certification and declaration of imported goods and equipment:

1. Certificate or declaration of conformity is registered to a Russian recipient company. In this case Russian company, foreign manufacturer and reference to a date and contract number will be indicated in certificate. Usually international contract should be completed in two languages (for example, Russian and English). According this way of certification or declaration the certificate is valid for up to the year. Validity of a declaration is from one to three years.

2. Certificate of conformity is registered to a foreign recipient company. This scheme is used quite often due to the fact that there is no binding to a contract or a specific recipient (importer). This scheme is useful in case if there are several recipient companies or each shipment should have individual contract. Many importers use this scheme to get certificate in order to reduce the costs on obtaining permits and not to issue several certificates for identical goods. But there is not quite a convenient aspect. Copies of certificates issued on the foreign manufacturer can be verified only by certification authorities that issue these certificates or by notary certifying officer.

It ought to be remarked, that conformity declaration can’t be issued on a foreign recipient.
According to legislation, declaration is issued only to Russian companies (including Private Entrepreneur (PE) on the basis of a contract.

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