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Produce design and implementation system for military equipment production


The GOST RV 0015–002 standard applies to quality management systems of the companies that carry out studies, development, production, delivery, maintenance, repair and utilization of defense products for the State.

The standard sets requirements for the structure of the quality management system on all stages of the defense product life cycle, and is aimed at providing compliance of defense products with customer's requirements and contract terms.

Working in the sphere of military equipment production demands greater responsibility. This explains the existence of the RV 0015 002 2012 certificate containing requirements for product quality, the production process, as well as State secret protection. The standard is constantly improved and updated.

After getting GOST RV 0015, a company may:

·         fill orders of the Russian Federation Defense Ministry;

·         get tenders and state contracts;

·         get licenses from the Ministry of Industry and Trade in the sphere of weapons and military equipment, as well as ROSCOSMOS (Federal Space agency of the Russian Federation);

·         get a military representative office.

It should be noted that without the GOST RV 0015-002-2012 QMS certificate activities for the defense industry are technically impossible. Thus, such a document is vital for the business. The GOST RV 0015-002-2012 certificate is obligatory for companies willing to work for the Russian defense industry in the sphere of producing, purchasing, maintaining military products, etc. It allows getting the license from the Defense Ministry that gives the right to participate in tenders.

This standard will be especially interesting for companies manufacturing dual-use products, as well as foreign companies that are planning to manufacture produce for the Russian defense complex. GOST RV 0015-002 is, in fact, identical to ISO 9001, but is more adapted to the military sector. Nevertheless, certification according to this standard is far more complicated and time-consuming. If you are aimed at successful completion of the procedure, you are in need of professional help of our specialists.

It is important to understand that getting a certificate does not mean that you can stop improving your company's management system. Certification means that you carried out the necessary checks of your company's systems and their functioning, and adequacy and effectiveness of these checks are confirmed by independent experts. However, to maintain the quality management systems effectively you need to:

·         document all the information about each process type (administrative, secondary, etc.);

·         introduce each employee to this information;

·         constantly update freely available information.


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