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Product passport development

1.      The product passport is a kind of technical documentation that comes along with the product under control throughout its life cycle: from its production and release, and up to utilization. This document contains the whole spectrum of data concerning the product: information about its functioning, designated use, safety regulations, as well as data on its characteristics and interaction with some substances and materials.

Each product unit requires product passport development. When the produce under control is disposed, the passport is utilized too. When preparing the passport, the responsible party may not include information that is contrary to the existing technical regulations and national standards (GOSTs) of the Russian Federation.

The content of such a technical document varies depending on the product, however, as a rule the passport contains the following information:

·         product data (product name, detailed description, characteristics);

·         product contents, materials and substances (raw materials) used for production;

·         list of resources consumed by the product while it is used. It concerns, for example, electrical energy and fuel;

·         requirements for storage and transportation;

·         ability for product conservation;

·         repair procedures;

·         information needed for product utilization / recycling;

·         other information.

Necessity to get a product passport

In Russia GOST 2.601-2013 regulates the rules and necessity of product passport development. According to the regulations of this national standard, the product passport is determined as a document describing the manufacturer's warranties and containing key characteristics of the product. According to the definition of the above mentioned national standard, the function of this technical document is to inform the consumer about characteristics and peculiarities of the product under control, as well as provide its safe use. Above all, such a passport may be needed for certification.

Development of the product passport and other technical documentation is carried out by experts from accredited certification centers. We suggest you address specialists from SMK STANDART to get a consultation and execute the documents.

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