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QMS and quality policy

A QMS guarantees effective work of the company including product quality. SMK STANDART experts note that for the smart quality policy a company should have the following QMS elements:

·         a document including all goals and objectives, as well as guidelines for their achievement;

·         the system of complementary and interrelated processes that complies with the quality policy;

·         standardized documents regulating and describing all kinds of business processes of the company in the framework of the QMS;

·         effective mechanism for meeting various requirements that are specified by the regulatory framework;

·         professional staff.

QMS development and the quality policy represent processes that consist of several stages: management decision, staff training, developing a program of QMS implementation, description and optimization of various business processes, developing QMS standardized documentation, QMS testing and the internal audit, certification.

Management decision implies that the head of the company must make a certain decision about a new project, then inform all the company staff about it and create all the necessary conditions for quick execution of other phases. At this stage, it is important to lay down all the basic goals for QMS development, as well as single out QMS processes that should be controlled at the top level and their quality assessment criteria.

QMS implementation should be viewed as a difficult and long-term project lasting for a period of 1,52 years. Therefore, it is necessary to create a system development program that includes, firstly, an implementation schedule, and, secondly, a list of decision-makers for any stage of the project. Such people are usually chosen from the executive personnel, top-managers and experts that know the specific activities of their units better than others.

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