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QMS developing for educational organizations: ISO/IWA 2:2007 standard

ISO/IWA 2:2007 standard allows an educational organization to reach the quality level of specialist training, which conforms to requirements of the parties concerned - students and their potential employers, the market and society in general, as well as legislative and oversight bodies in the field of education.
Building a QMS for the educational sphere is based on the quality management principles that are common for all standards of the ISO series. A quality standard in the field of education is based on 4 additional principles:

·         Value for students. The level of satisfaction with education indicates its conformity to students' needs and expectations. The institution improves processes of quality management and increases the value of education;

·         Focusing on the social value. Apart from transferring professional skills, educational organizations should create the added value educating students on moral standards, environmentally friendly habits and public safety;

·         Rapid response to changes. It is important for stable development of a company in the educational environment that changes very rapidly, and is an essential condition for constant improvement of the educational quality;

·         Organization autonomy in decision-making concerning effectiveness of these or those measures.

The IWA 2:2007 standard contains requirements for documentation, management responsibility, needs analysis of the parties concerned, policy development in the field of quality, resource management, staff involvement, procurement and business relations with suppliers, monitoring, process analysis and other aspects related to the activities of educational institutions.

Having a certified QMS based on the ISO/IWA 2:2007 standard and GOST R 52614.2-2006 will be an advantage for not only higher educational institutions but also organizations providing such services as preparatory courses for college applicants, refresher training, foreign language courses, driving lessons.

You can learn more about QMS development and implementation in the field of education by contacting specialists from SMK STANDART.

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