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SA 8000:2008. Why get certified?

The development of modern technology and rapid automation of technological processes do not eliminate the need for human presence in the workplace. On the contrary, it has become necessary to protect workers from negative impacts, to improve their security when performing job functions. For this purpose various international standards are created. One of these standards is the international standard SA 8000:2008 (earlier - SA 8000:2001), designed to regulate the principles of improving working conditions in enterprises in all countries of the world.

The standard was developed by specialists of an International social accountability organization (Social Accountability International - SAI). It uses the key provisions of the Universal Declarations of Human Rights, UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and International Labor Organization (ILO).

This standard establishes the basic requirements for the protection of employees:
• age restriction (it is forbidden to employ anyone under 15 years old);
• discrimination based on gender, age and other characteristics is prohibited;
• prohibition of disciplinary punishment and imposing of work against employee's will;
• maximum working time must not exceed 48 hours a week;
• prohibition of wages reduction below the amount established by law;
• freedom of communication between managers and staff, ability to form trade unions;
• need for standardization of management decisions and occupational safety management.

International standard SA 8000 is a universal document. This means that its principles are very important for enterprises of any sphere of activity regardless of its geographic location. And this relates to regional company's branches, for example, offices of large trading enterprises in Russia.
If you plan to bring your product to the Russian market and to develop production lines, we recommend contacting “SMK-STANDART» for SA 8000:2008 certification. Through this document you'll be able to:

• demonstrate the interested parties (partners, suppliers, customers) commitment to the principles of the social accountability;
• meet legislative and other regulatory requirements in the field of work safety;
• develop an effective risk management system related to the social sphere;
• improve working conditions and productivity, to reduce occupational injuries;
• attract additional investment funds;
• be able to participate in state projects and competitions for large state contracts;
• integrate social accountability management with other company's management systems.

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The applicant provides to the certification bode «SMK STANDART» the filled application form for obtaining the certificate by means of filling of a form on our site.

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