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Social Accountability Standard SA 8000:2008

The social accountability certification of a management system is voluntary. It is performed through implementation of SA 8000:2008 international standard. The certificate was developed in the United States in compliance with the current international norms of Convention on Human Rights, the workplace safety provisions.

Employers strive for improvement of working conditions in most of the countries, where social accountability and standardization are commonplace processes of big and small business activity. Foremost, SA 8000:2008 standard is intended to help companies in terms of planning an effective management system focused on improvement of provision the personnel with comfortable and safe working conditions. The SA 8000:2008 certificate is issued by accredited certifications bodies worldwide as well as by our company.

The implementation service of SA 8000:2008 standard regarding social accountability as a procedure in different countries is conducted virtually the same. It includes several stages:

·         Preparation of an application for the management system certification by organisation;

·         Review process of organisation’s documentation for initial analysis and assessment of current level;

·         Compliance verification of a system with the required international level;

·         Making a decision on issuing a certificate to organisation and confirmation awareness of principles of implemented quality standards by company’s management, as well as the ability to carry this responsibility before it’s personnel;

·         Control and support of management system operation of organisation that voluntary completed certification.

To get the certificate and become an organisation with a high level of social accountability of a management system it is necessary to comply with several requirements. During the documentation analysis on the second stage of organisation’s certification procedure the following parameters are under close attention:

1)      child and forced labour;

2)      health and safety;

3)      working hours, working week;

4)      freedom of association and right to collective bargaining;

5)      remuneration and recovery of penalty.

Benefits of working with our company, SMK STANDARD:

·         Opportunity to complete a full-scale certification and thus cut down expenses – conduct a requirements compliance audit and get several certificates at once;

·         Obtaining SA 8000:2008 international standard without to the exclusion of foreign specialists;

·         Wide range of training programs enables to improve the level of qualification and social accountability of managing personnel in terms of an effective management system organisation.

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