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Technical Specification

The Technical Specification (TS) is a regulatory document and part of design documentation that sets requirements for product release (contents, appearance, quality and safety).

The Technical Specification is developed before product release if there are no GOSTs for them in Russia and the Customs Union, or at a consumer's request.

A producer makes a decision to start TS development. The document is created according to the GOST 2.114-95 requirements by company's technologists or competent specialists of the centers accredited for certification in the system of national standards. Development of such a document requires serious skills and legislation knowledge. Companies not always have such employees, that is why it may be quite reasonable to involve a certification center for TS development.

According to Section 4 of the 2.114-95 national standard, the document must contain an introduction and a number of sections:

·         description of the technical requirements for the product;

·         description of the safety requirements;

·         description of the environmental protection activities;

·         description of the product acceptance rules;

·         methods for quality control;

·         conditions for proper storage, transportation modes;

·         produce usage rules;

·         description of the guarantee commitments. This section is completed according to GOST 22352.

The requirements stated in the TS may not conflict with relevant national and international standards. This is always taken into account by developers.

The TS is developed for certain product types only, and not for production processes. One document may contain the description of only one produce type.

A representative from the company that applies for TS development provides:

·         registration documents;

·         description of the product, as well as materials and equipment used for its production;

·         description of the consumer and transport packaging, list of mandatory documents included in each unit pack (warranty letters, inserts, instructions, etc.);

·         description of the manufacturer's warranties, and conditions for the warranty service;

·         description of the storage conditions.

After the TS has been developed, the document is approved by the head of the company. Above all, the TS can be registered. Nowadays this procedure is not obligatory, but it gives a number of advantages: for example, it confirms the high quality of the TS and protects the text from theft. Registration can be also carried out by a certification center.

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