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The importance of ISO 28000 standard for international trade

ISO 28000:2007 is an international standard developed by International Standard Organization (ISO) in response to the needs of global business community in improving safety of cargo, transport means and transport infrastructure facilities from the threats of terrorism, smuggling and theft.

The main objective of ISO 28000:2007 is to enhance transport security and align the requirements for security management system (SMS). ISO 28000 series of international standards includes: international standard ISO “Specification for security management systems for the supply chain”; international standard ISO 28001:2007 “Security management systems for the supply chain - Best practices for the implementing supply chain security, assessments and plans – Requirements and guidance”; international standard “Security management systems for the supply chain. Requirements for the bodies providing audit and certification of supply chain security management systems” international standard “Security management systems for the supply chain. Guidance for the ISO 28000 implementation”. ISO 28000 is considered to be the main document among all the above mentioned.

What are the benefits from ISO 28000 issued by “SMK STANDART”.

This standard is applicable to all organizations from small to multinational, which are engaged in manufacturing, service provision, storage or transportation at any stage of production or supply chain. The standard is for organizations that want:
• to establish, implement, maintain and improve the safety management system;
• to ensure compliance with the safety management policy;
• to demonstrate the evidence of such compliance to others;
• to achieve certification/registration of safety management system by an accredited third party certification body;
• to determine on their own or declare conformity to requirements of the international standard.

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