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The procedure for certification of imported products in the Russian Federation

You probably wonder which certificates have to be prepared if you are going to import particular goods or equipment into Russia? What to start with?

To begin with, you have to figure out the FEACN (Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Nomenclature) code of imported goods. In order to do this, you have to contact the customs broker, with who you are going to work. The broker assigns and agrees on such a code with the customs authorities. According to the assigned code, one identifies the need for the obtainment of the particular documents.

Moving on, there are two options for identifying the need for certificates:

1. Send a request to the specialists of certification authority such as SMK STANDART company. In the request, you have to point out the FEACN code, the name of the goods and a description (product field application and technical specifications).

2. Identify yourself if the imported products are subject to mandatory certification or declaration.

Commonly, customs officials inform the customer of the need to provide some particular certificates right after assigning a FEACN code. According to the product's name, you can find out yourself which documents (certificate of conformity, declaration of conformity, certificate of state registration) are have to be prepared using the documents listed below.

• The list of products subject to the mandatory certification in the GOST R system

• The list of products subject to the declaration of conformity in the GOST R system

• Technical regulations of the Customs Union

• List of products subject to state registration.

To begin with, make sure that the products are stated in the list of goods subject to mandatory certification in the GOST R system. If the needed product can be found in the nomenclature, then you have to get a certificate of conformity. If particular products aren't stated in this list, then you have to look for them in the list of goods subject to the declaration of conformity. Do exactly the same thing with the list of products subject to state registration. If the products aren't stated in these lists, then they probably fall within the scope of the technical regulations of the Customs Union.

After identifying which documents have to be prepared, you can start to prepare the needed certificates.

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