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Things small business owners need to know about ISO 9001


ISO 9001 can be also applied for small businesses.

First, certification shows that your company focuses on quality and customization. Even if your business is not widely known and doesn't have enough clients, your potential clients, partners and suppliers will see that your company carries a certificate acknowledged by world-beaters. Small companies can benefit a lot from this fact as QMS (quality management system) helps you differentiate your company from competitors and quickly restructure processes in order to meet the market.

Secondly, implementing ISO 9001 at early stages means that your company intends to amend. ISO 9001 processes are fully scalable, no matter how many employees you have: ten or one thousand.

Thirdly, QMS allows you to open borders. As ISO 9001 presents an internationally-recognized standard, it can open up new opportunities for your business abroad. The concept of certification is unitary for Russia, the UK, China, the USA, India and other markets. You can use the certificate to the full extent: put it on your website or add to the email submitted information in order to get maximum impact.

Finally, ISO 9001 proved cost cutout - the item of interest for small business owners. Thus, certification can help you save money by optimizing internal processes of your company. QMS reduces the time that is required for management organization or completing administrative tasks, which means having more time for marketing and business development.

As is obvious, ISO 9001 is ultra profitable for small businesses whereas certification expenses are insignificant. Let specialists from "SMK STANDARD" help you implement quality management systems today, at the stage of growing, and you will be able to capture new markets tomorrow!


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