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What are technical specifications?

Technical specifications are a type of organization’s standards. Technical specifications are a standard of the organization contribute to the implementation of a unified state policy in the field of standardization. The purpose of standardization is to increase the competitiveness of Russian-made products.

For manufacturers, technical specifications perform the following functions: determine all the main links of the production chain; guarantee uniformity of work results; allow you to protect your own interests before third parties in judicial and pre-trial disputes.

Technical specifications contain the maximum amount of information that allows you to distinguish a specific product or service from similar samples, and help the consumer to make a competent choice in favor of a particular product. In order for the technical specifications to achieve all of the above goals, the manufacturer of the product or the service provider is obliged to comply with the principles of standardization, in particular, the complexity, systematic and open development.

Technical specifications are not a binding document. They are developed at the request of the manufacturer of the goods or at the request of the buyer (customer). Nevertheless, their presence is mandatory for devices that will be used at highly hazardous production facilities, and for products manufactured not in accordance with the normative act applicable to it.

The development of technical specifications can be carried out either by the manufacturer or in specialized certification bodies. To solve this problem, it is better to contact a specialized company that professionally deals with issues of certification and declaration of goods, for example, take advantage of the support of the accredited organization SMK STANDART, which for a long time has been involved in supporting certification and licensing of various products and services.

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