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What is ISO 9001?

If the company passes the audit successfully, the certificate validity period is prolonged or (in case the QMS area is practically narrowed or extended) the certificate is reissued. If the company structure has been significantly changed during the certificate validity period, and, as a result, some processes, that functioned withing the QMS, were dropped out, the certification body must narrow the certification area on its own initiative.

Entrepreneurs that face the necessity to be certified are interested in time, cost and scope of such an audit. It is commonly known, that a fully valid ISO 9001 audit is carried out in two stages. Generally speaking, the company is highly likely to face audits as comprehensive as it was for the first time. Compared to the initial conformity assessment procedure, the recertification audit allows only incidental indulgences.

Terms and cost.

International standards require the final conference for recertification, that marks the end of the second stage of the QMS audit, to take place no later than two weeks before the 3-year certification validity period is over. However, entrepreneurs from Russia and abroad may come across certificates that are issued for 1 year or 5 years. Such discrepancy is caused by the flexibility of certification systems that is provided by voluntary certification when elaborating procedures.

As for the cost of the recertification audit, it is not standardized, that is why the price difference for voluntary certification systems can be significant. Having a great professional experience, certification experts from SMK STANDART will help a naive user to get to the bottom of this issue.

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