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What is the GOST R EN 9100-2011 for?

The aviation, space and arms industries are considered knowledge-intensive and specific industries. They are characterized by high risks associated with the quality of their products. Specially developed standard GOST R EN 9100-2011 is one of the tools to create an effective quality management system at the enterprise of defense industry, ensuring the stability of the quality of products.

The standard focuses on such issues as a project management and process approach implementation, risk analysis and identification, configuration management and customer satisfaction. It includes a number of additional requirements specific for the aerospace industry, which allow the greatest attention to product safety and reliability. These issues have the greatest impact on safety in manufacturing, operation, maintenance, repair and installation of aircraft products, as well as on flight safety.

The "SMK STANDART" company offers the services in the field of carrying out of audit and the help at introduction of standard GOST R EN 9100-2011. Specialists of the "SMK STANDART" company have sufficient experience in working with the standard and will help to understand its specific sections.

At the first stage, information about a company's activity and its internal processes is collected. At the second stage, specialists visit a company to analyze the state of the enterprise already on the spot, communicate with employees of a company. On the basis of the established audit plan and the work performed, an audit report is created, in which comments (actions to be taken by the organization) are formulated to meet the requirements of the standard. Specialists of the "SMK STANDART" company are ready to assist in elimination of these remarks, to develop missing documents as well as to carry out necessary measures for staff training.

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