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What is the occupational health and safety management system?

The OHSMS is a part of the overall company management system. Positive influence of the OHSMS at the company level is admitted by the government, employers and personnel. It involves reducing exposure to dangerous/harmful industrial substances and risks, as well as increased productivity.

Nowadays, SMK STANDART specialists help companies to implement quality management systems according to the GOST «OSHA. Occupational health and safety management systems. GOST 12.0.230-2007 Implementation Guidance».

In the framework of this GOST, an employer is responsible and obliged to provide personnel with safe working conditions and health protection. This standard is a practical instrument enabling companies and competent organizations to constantly enhance their activity in the sphere of occupational health and safety.

Main OHSMS goals are the following:

·         ensuring safe maintenance of production equipment and technological processes;

·         ensuring safe maintenance of buildings and constructions;

·         improving working conditions of personnel;

·         providing workers with personal protection equipment;

·         providing optimal working and rest regime;

·         providing preventative and curative health services;

·         training and instruction in occupational safety ;

·         information support in occupational safety;

In order to implement OHSMS successfully in your company, you should follow practical recommendations stated in the standard. Moreover, it is necessary to take into account the fact that OHSMS development and implementation depends on the field of activity which the company is engaged in, its particular goals, produce and services, as well as equipment, technological processes used, equipment for individual and collective employee protection, and practical experience in the field of occupational safety. That is why OHSMS of different companies may differ.

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