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When is a certificate of conformity required?

Certification can be compulsory and voluntary. Compulsory certification involves neither services nor quality management systems. Nowadays it only covers some physical products. Specific types of products for compulsory certification can be found on the official websites of Rosstandard and RusAccreditation.

It should be noted that the Customs Union constituted by 3 countries - Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan - has its own nomenclature for the produce requiring compulsory confirmation of conformity. It is also used for importing goods produced in other countries into Russia (Nomenclature of Goods for Foreign Trade). If a businessman produces and sells a product requiring compulsory certification in Russia, he must submit a document of conformity during the state inspection. The state inspection is conducted by officials who supervise compliance with compulsory requirements of state standards.

When importing items produced abroad, a businessman must submit a compulsory certificate of conformity at the time of customs clearance to import such produce into the territory of Russia.

The certificate of conformity must be obtained specifically in the Russian national system of compulsory certification - GOST R. Also, if an importer is intended to sell his produce in Russia, he is obliged to confirm the goods comply with the national safety and quality regulations. When the product requires compulsory confirmation of conformity to standards, not only state bodies but also consumers may check certificates.

Voluntary certification is carried out at the company's request. Independent commercial entities carry out non-mandatory expertise using their own voluntary certification schemes. The State almost does not interfere with the process. The federal law of technical regulation only gives a general framework of voluntary conformity assessment. The details are regulated by natural market dynamics. As the expertise is initiated by the company willing to obtain a certificate, no one can require a document of voluntary conformity assessment. However, in real practice businessmen face situations when the market environment forces them to obtain these or those voluntary certificates.

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